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NZB Drop 4.03

A comprehensive Usenet downloading tool that works with NZB files.
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A comprehensive Usenet downloading tool that works with NZB files, a file format to identify binaries posted to Usenet newsgroups. Downloads the required content directly, without any obstacles like headers. Provides up to 100 simultaneous connections, iTunes integration for multimedia downloads, Par2, unrar, unzip, and split-file assembly, built-in Usenet search as well as multi-server support.

NZB Drop is intended for downloading and opening NZB files, which contain information linking to specific files stored in Usenet newsgroups. Fortunately, the application supports various news servers, such as,, and UseNet. The tool has a straightforward interface and comes with a help file, which, unfortunately, has some broken links.

To use this tool, you should start by adding servers. In this respect, you should provide a description and the name of the server. Also, in case the server requires authentication, you can enter your username and password. Besides, you can set your preferred usage mode, which can be Normal, Fills Only or Manual Only.

It is great that the application allows not only managing downloads but also performing searches without needing any third-party product. This avoids needing to browse through lots of headers to find what you want. Likewise, you can keep track of the posted NZB files by subscribing to the desired newsgroups.

NZB Drop can speed up your downloads by establishing up to 100 connections per server at the same time. Moreover, it is possible to limit the tool’s bandwidth usage at all times or during a time period only.

One of the best advantages of this product is the possibility to automate certain process by creating rules. Thus, if a given condition is met, the application automatically executes an action, such as deleting the message, queueing it for download and marking it as read. Likewise, you can flag the message or send a notification. For example, if audio content is detected, it can be automatically downloaded and added to iTunes. Luckily, rules may have a caducity period, after which they will be no longer active.

In general, NZB Drop allows searching and monitoring the desired contents when they are available through UseNet groups. It can help you speed up and manage downloads as well as automate certain processes. The app is shareware and can be tried for 7 days. It is good news that it will not completely stop working after the trial period; instead, it will continue to function in read-only mode.

Pedro Castro
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  • Integrated search
  • Avoids reading headers
  • Supports automation rules
  • Lets you set bandwidth usage limits
  • Automatically adds audio to iTunes


  • Help file has some broken links
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