NXPowerLite Desktop

NXPowerLite Desktop 8.0

Compresses different types of files for transfer.
Optimize JPEG image files, Microsoft PowerPoint documents, or PDFs by reducing their size without the loss of content and original quality with the application creating copies with customizable size for transfer via the Internet. The original format of a compressed file is preserved.

NXPowerLite Desktop can help you make large files more manageable by reducing their sizes. The application supports various common document types, including PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and Word documents. Likewise, it also works with such image extensions as JPEG, PNG and uncompressed TIFF.

The tool has an easy-to-use interface, which works by simply dropping the desired files onto its window. Moreover, there is an even easier method, which consists on selecting the files directly on Finder. Luckily, processing multiple files in a single session is supported.

Although the application comes with a default reduction profile, it is also possible to create new ones. In this respect, it is advisable to know how the tool works. For most of the supported file types, the application can reduce the size of not only the independent image files but also of any other embedded pictures by reducing their quality, adjusting output resolution and deleting cropped areas. Likewise, it optimizes the sizes of the images on the slide masters of a PowerPoint presentation as well as flattens objects embedded in a Word document. In the case of JPG images, it also offers to remove EXIF data.

The tool supports three modes to save the resulting files. In this respect, you can create an optimized copy without altering the original, back up the original and replace it with the optimized file, or replace the original with the new smaller file. Similarly, you may decide to save the new files on the same source folder or any other. Once optimized, the documents and images may be sent by email with a click of a button.

All in all, NXPowerLite Desktop is an excellent way to adapt a file’s size to different purposes without noticeably reducing its quality. Thus, it helps decrease transfer times and save storage space. Unfortunately, there were some errors while I was trying the tool. It is excellent that the product supports processing up to 10,000 files at a time. Yet, should you need to process larger volumes, it will be necessary to purchase NXPowerLite for File Servers.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports batch processing
  • Allows creating customized profiles
  • Integrates with Finder
  • Does not affect quality


  • Errors when tried
  • Limits to the number of files it can process at a time
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