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Notational Velocity fork with MultiMarkdown support.
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nvALT is a note editor that places accent on ease of accessing the notes, quick saving them and managing them by certain criteria.
The utility enables you to create notes that are saved automatically and that will be listed together instead of being saved as files in different folders, which you would need to browse through in search of a text of interest. This is helpful when it happens that you forget a text file's name or where you have saved it, which complicates finding it. A search tool lets you find notes by title, certain words in their content or tags. In this way, if you have focused on a certain subject in several notes, you can easily identify all of them. Notes of special interest can be bookmarked. Also, certain words can be turned into links. When clicking on the link, either all notes containing it will be listed or you will be taken to a certain note, depending on how you decide to use the link creation option. Given that it is only dedicated to taking notes, there are no complex text editing tools included, such as for inserting complicated mathematical equations for example, or images, but it would be nice to have such options available.
nvALT is a good option for creating notes that are easily browsed through and managed.

Margie Smeer
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  • All notes are listed together
  • The notes are automatically saved
  • The search tool allows you to find a note by its title, words in its content or tags
  • Several shortcut keys can be used
  • The notes can be exported as TXT files


  • You are not asked whether you want to install it in Applications, therefore you will launch the utility from the Downloads section
  • No option was found for hiding the link of a note behind a word in another note
  • There are no complex text editing tools included
  • Back/forward buttons would be useful
  • Only jump to previous/next in list options are available
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