Simple Pyramids

Simple Pyramids 2.7

With Simple Pyramids kids can practice addition and subtraction.

Number Pyramid is a simple puzzle game in which you have to use a little mathematics to pass each level. I used to play a game like this that came in the newspaper every day, and I loved it. This computer version of the game is even better, because it is more challenging. There is a timer that counts down from 30, and you need to complete the puzzle before it runs out to pass to the next level.

The game is very simple, but it can get challenging after a few levels. You will see a pyramid with different boxes. Some of them will have numbers on them. Your objective is to guess, which number goes in the blank ones. Each number you see is the sum of the two numbers right below it. So, you can take the hints all around the screen to solve the puzzle. Every time you pass a puzzle, a new level of boxes will be added to the pyramid, making each puzzle harder and harder.

You have hints that you can use if you get stuck. The hints don't solve the puzzle for you; they simply tell you that a box can be answered.

There are two game modes: build skills and timed challenge. The first one lets you practice freely, while the second adds a timer and more challenging levels, one after the other.

José Fernández
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