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Free Nozbe is a tool that helps busy professionals and teams organize time and projects
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Nozbe is a tool that helps busy professionals and teams organize time and projects
"...solid online organizer specific to GTD..." - Lifehacker
"...GTD web app that keeps it simple..." - ZD Net
***** Effortlessly manage your time *****
Using Nozbe to manage your time is easy. Inspired by world-famous GTD (Getting Things Done (R)) methodology by David Allen, we've designed Nozbe in such a way that everyone can get organized quickly
- Focus on your next actions
Busy people like yourself have lots of projects. Make sure to prioritize only the next actions with a star and focus on getting them done. With time-management and filtering you'll know exactly what to do next!
- Never miss a deadline. Ever again.
View your scheduled tasks in a calendar. Never miss a deadline or appointment again. Tasks scheduled for today become your Next Actions automatically to make sure you'll get them done.
- Organize tasks in manageable Projects
Create as many projects for your tasks as you'd like. Share them with people in your team. Get things done together. Organize projects in labels like "work" or "home". Feel free to design your productivity system.
- Work smart in appropriate Contexts
Think of contexts as a place or tool - like your "computer", "phone", "home", "office" - to make sure you'll get tasks done in these places and with these tools. Organize in projects but work in contexts!
***** Communicate through tasks ******
Email wasn't designed for project collaboration. When you communicate through actionable tasks, you and your team get a lot more done and everyone is on the same page all of the time.
- Share projects with friends and team
Sharing has never been so easy. Share projects with your team, delegate tasks to them (making these tasks their Next Actions) and hold folks accountable.
- Comment on tasks - keep everyone on the same page
You can add a comment to each task. Use this as a note for a task or start a discussion with your team. This will make sure everyone understands what really needs to be done.
- Comment with pictures, documents and more...
Comments are not limited to text. You can comment with checklists, images, photos, sketches, documents, Evernote notes and so much more. This will help you get your point across clearly.
- Receive email updates of your team's activity
Don't collaborate through email but stay in touch with your team thanks to regular email updates sent to you every hour... but only if something's happening in the projects you care about.
***** Keep all your projects in sync *****
Specially tailored mobile apps help you take your tasks and projects with you. In your pocket.
***** Connect with your favorite apps *****
Using Evernote for note-taking? Syncing files in Dropbox? - Nozbe works seamlessly with all of these services, and more are coming every month!
- Browse your related Evernote notes. Convert them to tasks.
We love Evernote, it's our favorite note-taking application (and many of our users share this love). Browse your Evernote notes related to your projects directly in Nozbe and make them actionable!
- Sync with Drobpox - make your files actionable
Dropbox has redefined cloud file storage. Now you can see your project-related tasks in Nozbe and make them actionable. Just get things done with your files in the cloud!
***** Leading GTD-inspired task and project manager according to: Lifehacker, ZDnet, and hundreds of thousands of users *****

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