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NoteBar is a very simple note manager for your Mac.
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NoteBar is a very simple note manager for Mac. It runs on the menubar, and when you click its icon, a small window that resembles a real notepad will pop up. Here, you can start writing to create a new note. Alternatively, you can browse all the notes that you created before by either scrolling down the list or by using the search feature.

By default, the window will disappear when you switch to another application, but the text that you entered will be saved. You can set NoteBar to stay on top of other applications from the little menu that appears when you click on the settings button. From here, you can also change the font of the text, hide the program and even configure it so that it starts when you boot up your Mac. There aren't any other options available and the app doesn't seem to support any keyboard shortcuts, global or otherwise.

After you are done writing a note, you can send it to the clipboard or to a TXT file, e-mail and print it.

To sum up, the verdict is that although this app lets you create notes quickly and it enables you to search for them easily, I can't really recommend it when there are other great note-taking programs like Evernote out there which are free and have tons of extra features.

José Fernández
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  • Fast
  • Customizable
  • Includes export options


  • Not many features
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