Norrkross Movie

Norrkross Movie 3.0

Provides non-linear multi-layered video editing options.
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Norrkross Software
Work with media files by editing them in the suite offering a multi-layered interface setup for non-linear editing and modification. It features multiple tools for managing clips, adding effects and manipulating files. Various rendering options are also available.

Use VideoCanvas to edit video in multiple layered tracks and add effects, titles and transitions.
VideoCanvas is very flexible and works a lot like a drawing application for video clips. Yet it is easy to get started even for someone who never edited video before.
VideoCanvas is ideal both for quickly throwing together some video clips to put on YouTube as well as for making an advanced animated multi track movie with precise control over the result.
VideoCanvas's open format timeline makes editing very easy and efficient. And you don't have to wait for importing or rendering as it uses multiple cores and the graphics card for real time display.
There are many filter effects, such as green screening or color adjustments and virtually any attribute can be animated.
You can also use VideoCanvas for effects, resizing and cropping of still images as well as movies and for transcoding to various file formats and devices.

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