Ninox 2.6

Simple flat-file database system.
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2.6.9 (See all)

Ninox is a simple flat-file database system. Tables -- With Ninox you manage your data in tables that you can browse, filter, sort and group. Data fields -- Ninox offers a variety of data fields, including text, numbers, Yes / No, list, date, time, picture and web address. Relations -- Link tables to each other to represent complex situations. Forms -- For neat enter data, make simple drag-and-drop forms. Find -- The fast full-text search is the very center of Ninox, so you immediately jump to the desired information. Calculations -- As in a spreadsheet to make calculations about individual records, or even entire tables linked tables. Calendar -- All entries with date reference are clearly displayed in the calendar. Diagrams -- Point to a button the current state. Export -- Of course, you can also export your data to further process them with Excel. Roles and rights -- Control exactly who can see or change the data.

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