Nice to Recover File for Mac

Nice to Recover File for Mac 3.0

Nice to Recover File for Mac is a file recovery solution.

Nice to Recover File for Mac is a file recovery solution. It allows you to recover files that were accidentally deleted or otherwise lost from your system. You may know that you can recover files that were deleted just by going to the Trash bin. But after the bin has been emptied, it all becomes a bit more complicated. That is where applications like Nice to Recover File for Mac come in handy. The app scans your hard drive and connected drives to find files that have recently been deleted. Then it can recover them and put them back in a folder for you.

There are three recovery methods: Quick Recovery, Deep Recovery and Photo Recovery. The first mode scans a drive that you select and then displays a list of files that can be recovered. The Deep Recovery mode is way more helpful, because it includes filtering options. Before the scan begins, you can choose what file types you want to look for. Here, you are shown a list of file types and their extensions and you can select the ones you want. Or you can click on one of the categories at the bottom (Photo, Music, Video, etc).

Once a scan is completed, you can recover files by selecting them and then clicking on "Recover". In my testing, I intentionally deleted a file and emptied the trash. I was able to find that file with this application. I couldn't recover it because the trial version doesn't allow you to do that, though.

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