NewsLife 3.1

An RSS news reader that displays all news from your favorite websites.
View all your websites of interest in one application. The solution displays all your RSS and Atom feeds and provides visual view by correlating photos published by your feeds. Get notifications the moment new content is published, and share it with your friends.

NewsLife is a super-easy-to-use RSS news aggregator.
NewsLife's simple interface, composed of three panes, is intuitive and easy to use. The source list lets you organize your feeds how ever you want. The content area presents each article to you complete with thumbnails, quick navigation links and more. The side bar contains useful features like a search field, quick view buttons, filtering controls and the news bin, which acts as a scrapbook for any articles you have dragged into it. You can also choose to quickly email these items, Digg them, post them to your weblog editor or have them read aloud by your Mac.

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