NewsLife 2.1

Smart way to keep track of what's on your favorite websites.

NewsLife 2 is the smart way to keep track of what's on your favorite websites. No more days spent glued to your browser — with NewsLife handling your RSS and Atom feeds, it's easy to keep up-to-date.
Get notified when new content is published. Track what you've already read. Share stories with your friends. Group feeds, and view all their articles together. Want to see everything published today, or by a certain author? It's just a click away.
For fans of Flickr, we've developed the new Photo Mode: NewsLife 2 detects when you're viewing a Flickr RSS feed and optimises the user interface for photographs, giving you a great view every time.
Wall of text? Give yourself a richer experience: NewsLife 2's Picture Tile mode correlates images published by your feeds, letting you browse through your news stories visually.
Incredible news? The News Clippings feature makes it easy to keep track of interesting or important content in your feeds, giving you fast access to the articles you add to it and making it easy to show your friends. Share stories by e-mail, or via Instapaper, Digg, Delicious – and more – all with a simple click.

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