Network Stat

Network Stat 1.5

Displays the name of your current network location, your LAN and your WAN-IP.

This widget displays the name of your current network location, your LAN and your WAN-IP. The features include:
- display the current location
- change your location right in the widget
- display your internal IPs, along with an icon of the interface
- display your “real” Internet-IP
- send notification emails whenever your IP changes
- click on any desired info to copy it to your clipboard
- ping any desired IP
- shows your IPv4, config-type, gateway, netmask, SSID, WLAN-channel, Proxy-settings, BSD-name, type, MAC-address and DNS servers
- automatically updates the Info, based on your preferences; manual refresh possible
- three different flavours available, simply switch them via preferences
In the default view you’ll see a countdown timer telling you when the next refresh will happen at the top of the widget, on the right hand side is a button to do a manual refresh. Click the timer to see the date of the last refresh. Just below is a house-icon and your current network location. Click the house to change your location.
Below that is — for every (active) network interface — an icon for the interface and the assigned IP. Click the icon to toggle the expanded information.
At the bottom of the widget is your “real” Internet IP. Click the globe-icon to see a list of your last IPs and the ping results.
There are many options in the preferences. There you can choose from 3 different skins, supply some email addresses so the widget can send you a notification if your IP changes, and other options.

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