Net.Scopa 1.5

Play a game based on the Italian 'Scopa' also known as 'Escoba' in Spanish.
1.5 (See all)
Sunday Coders

Net.Scopa is a free and cross-platform graphical software that provides a challenging trick-taking card game, which uses the traditional 40-card Italian 'Scopa' deck and requires two players. Net.Scopa is comprised of 6 variations, including Scopa di Quindici, Scopa Scopone Trentino, Scopa d'Assi, Scopa a perdere, Scopa Frac, and Re Bello. In addition, the game comes with 'robots' designed to test your gaming skills. At the moment, the Net.Scopa game is translated into the English, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, and French languages. However, French suited cards are optional. It is still under heavy development and next updates will focus on multi-player feature, robots improvements and more.
What's new in this version:
- Completely new gfx
- Saved games are supported.
- Enhanced lobby/ranking using players icons.
- bug fixes.

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