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Free This app is a fun Pac-Man spin-off designed for Mac.
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Pac-Man is a popular arcade game developed by Namco company back in the 80's. Over the years dozens of spin-offs were created, including Not Pacman, a challenging game that lets you choose from various control modes, but with familiar graphics and rules.

You can control the main menu of this app only with your keyboard. The game lets you choose from various display modes (4 screen resolutions), but doesn't allow you to play in fullscreen mode. You can adjust the sound volume according to your needs and select the preferred game controls (keyboard, joystick or mouse).

In the original game, Pac-Man could be moved on the board with arrow keys. In this app, the board rotates to the direction indicated by the keys you hit and the Pac-Man moves accordingly. For instance, if you hit the left arrow key, the board leans to the left and your Pac-Man falls on the left side of the board. So, the app uses real-time physics and the character moves realistically.

The goal is the same as the one from the original game: control the Pac-Man through a maze and eat all pac-dots. You can get to the next level only if you eat all dots from the board. The app offers you 3 lives per mission. The game is over once you lose all lives (one life is lost when one of the ghost catches the Pac-Man).

Furthermore, Not Pacman keeps track of your highest scores in a list.

In conclusion, I think you should give this game a shot if you want to try a new and unique Pac-Man spin-off.

AG Senior editor
Ashley Griggs
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  • Lets you play by using your mouse, keyboard keys or joystick
  • Keeps track of your highest scores
  • Lets you choose from various display modes
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