Navicat for MariaDB

Navicat for MariaDB 15.0

Manage and administrate MariaDB.

Navicat for MariaDB provides a native environment for MariaDB database management and administration. It works with any MariaDB database servers from version 5.1 or above, and supports all MySQL objects types. You can visually design database structures, execute SQL queries and scripts and manage MariaDB users and their privileges. With Navicat for MariaDB, you are not only get everything good from MySQL Servers, but also get extra features like new storage engines, microsecond, virtual columns and more.
What's new in this version:
In the latest version of Navicat, Version 11.2 is introducing a new feature -- Navicat Cloud Collaboration, a newly developed function for all new and existing users, allowing you to synchronize multiple devices altogether simultaneously. You can now switch from one device to another, creating connections with your desktop, bridging your connection settings, queries, models, and virtual groups information.

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