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When I work in front of my mac, I always care about what I am doing and ignore that the human body isn't built to sit in one position for endless hours.That's really bad, because now I always get a pain on my neck or back after hours of work.
Nap is a simple Mac utility that's designed to help you to get ride of the bad habit.Using it can reduce the continuous time you spend sitting in front of a computer.
After starting the apllication, you will be reminded to have a rest at scheduled time intervals, while simultaneously the screen will be locked just like be covered by a frosted glass and the glass will become more and more clear by the time.If enforcement nap mode has been launched, the computer is hardly available, which means it cannot be switched into other Apps or spaces.
- Clean, simple interface
- Time between naps is adjustable.
- Show information before nap for you to finish something important.
- Enforce nap by disabling access to other programs.

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