MyTunesRSS 6.8

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MyTunesRSS is a utility that lets you stream your music over the Internet. It was designed to give you an extra option when it comes to storing and streaming your music. Instead of storing your music on cloud-based services or on your devices, you can leave it all on your computer and then stream it to any device that has a modern web browser. MyTunesRSS was built in Java, which means that it can be run in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It was also designed to be easy to use. In fact, other than creating a user account and selecting your music folder, there are no settings that you need to change.

After you set the application up, it will show two links that will be opened in your web browser. The first one is the user interface, which you can click to start listening to your music. The second link is the admin user interface, from where you can tailor the application to your liking. The links provided will only work on your computer, but if you replace the IP address with your Mac's IP, then you will be able to access the service on any computer on your network. If you do some port-forwarding, you will also be able to connect to MyTunesRSS from outside your home network as well.

In my testing, I was able to quickly and easily connect to the service. All my iTunes songs were displayed and I could play and download them. Entire albums and playlists can be downloaded in a ZIP file.

MyTunesRSS lets you create different accounts and establish limitations to them.

José Fernández
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  • It works like a charm on many devices
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • It lets you download entire playlists from client devices


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