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MyThoughts is a program that can organize the chaos in your head. The program allows you to create a mind map: all your ideas and thoughts will be tied together with relationships or a central idea.
Just when I thought nothing can surprise me, I came across this program. This program would have been very helpful to me a couple of years ago when I was looking for a purpose in life. It would be nice to visualize all my thoughts, in fact, I think this would be a perfect tool to organize thoughts about everything! Who needs expensive consultations with psychologists when you can get this 50-dollar program to do just that.

The initial mind map starts with just one central thought that you need to expand with colorful branches on the left or right side of it. Of course, you can create an additional central thought and branch it out as well. One sleek thing is that you can actually connect all of your thoughts with relationship marks. In a way, you can use this program as a decision tree - calculating the best outcome of many possibilities. Such tree requires sub-branching, which this program can easily provide, unlike many other programs.

Overall: this program is called MyThought and it is supposed to help you organize a thought or thoughts in your life, but it could also be used as a flow chart for organizing processes in an organization, or to create a decision tree to visualize the outcome of certain actions and choose the best one.

Joshua Wrightwood
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