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It converts various types of video and audio files without complications.
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My VideoConverter(Free) is a simple and user-friendly solution to convert various types of video and audio files without complications. This way, you are able to turn favorite media files into popular formats supported by your Mac default media player or a personal portable device.

The program has a clear-cut and intuitive interface. The main functions are conveniently displayed in plain sight, so that you can make use of all the features provided quickly and easily. The files you intend to convert can be loaded by using the classical method of browsing for files from within the application, or simply by dragging and dropping the files onto the program. You have the ability to import as many media files as you want, but you can't convert them in batches. In other words, you may prepare a large list of files intended for conversion, but you are limited to convert only one file at a time. The format you want to convert into can be selected by its name or, more conveniently, by the name of the device. This feature makes the program suitable for both advanced users and complete beginners, who may or may not have the proper knowledge regarding the formats supported by their devices. If you consider it necessary, you can tailor the output video and audio settings in terms of frame, bit and sample rates, resolution, and encoders.

The utility comes with an embedded video player that allows you to preview the files you want to convert. You can also use it as a common media player to render whatever movie you intend to watch. Still, the playback abilities aren't impressive, as you can't make any sound or image adjustments. The player lacks a sound equalizer, and it doesn't provide customization settings for color or luminosity issues. The program also includes a download module meant to save online videos into your computer. Yet, this section only works as an Internet browser and file viewer, as the download option can't be made to work by any means.

The conversion is stable and runs well, but additional functions like download and playback need improvements. Furthermore, I wasn't able to load files from a DVD, although a specialized button for this task appears on the main window – it seems that the VOB format isn't supported. To conclude, the program is good as a media converter, but the complementary features require major fixing.

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  • Easy to use
  • Free converter
  • Output formats organized be device names
  • Advanced video and audio output settings
  • Embedded media player
  • Can add subtitles


  • Can't convert multiple files at once
  • The download module doesn't work



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