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It helps you to ear train and increase your overall musical knowledge.
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The most efficient way to ear train and increase your overall musical knowledge is by copying. Therefore many of the exercises in MusicalEar is built on copying what you hear, read or see. MusicalEar keeps focus on real music, including the styles/genres of pop, rock, jazz, latin, song, folk music and classical music. Built on live music, composed by two of the founders of MusicalEar. The main elements in MusicalEar revolve around the notation of melody, rhythm and harmony. But this tool is more than that: You get general music theory, musical harmony and arranging, deepened music listening, style and genre knowledge, easier analysing exercises and composing. MusicalEar also contains examples of further literature studies as well as online references. When working with MusicalEar you come across a great number of music terms and concepts of music theory as well as different ways of working with voice leading and arranging. Here the built-in dictionary, Theory & Terms, comes in handy. Further more you find in MusicalEar, grouped for different levels, a large number of detached ear training exercises in melody, rhythm and harmony without any direct connection to a particular composition. All the music in MusicalEar is composed by Björn Roslund and Carl-Axel Andersson, lecturers of Music Theory at Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University, Sweden.MusicalEar is compatible with the notation softwares Finale and Sibelius, and can also be used in a stand-alone PDF mode.

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It is a very useful program with many different exercises. I am a teacher and I can always find good ideas and inspiration in MusicalEar for my lessons.

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