Music Muse

Music Muse 0.2

Professional "creativity software" for DJs, musicians, artists, remixers, and producers.
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Professional "Creativity Software" for DJs, Musicians, Singers, Hip Hop Artists, remixers, and producers. Music Muse is a music tool designed to strengthen the user's inner artist through its Sample Sampling System. Music Muse imports samples into one of three categories: Melody, Beat/Effects, and Beat/Bass. Users can also assign a genre, or multiple genres, to each sample folder imported. Music Muse randomizes and plays back samples from each category while beat matching to ensure the best possible sound, allowing the user to loop the samples that you like to hear them with other samples. This trial software comes with 320MB (compressed) of free creative commons samples free to keep even if you do not buy once the trial is over.

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