Mover Connect

Mover Connect 3.6

Transfers files between multiple computers and iOS devices.
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Infinite Labs

Establish a connection between devices on different platforms such as Mac OS X and iOS and conduct transfers of pictures, movies, files, contacts, and documents. The program supports WiFi or LAN networks as means of connecting hardware. Keyboard shortcuts and quick search are available.

Mover for Mac is the fastest way to "slide" files — including photos, videos, documents and anything you can think of — between Macs and other devices running Mover (like iPhones, iPod touches and iPads).
Just open Mover on all Macs involved and drag the file on the other computer's icon to send it through.
• Send and receive files quickly from iOS devices running Mover+ or Mover Lite (with the Connect Pack).
• Works via Wi-Fi between Macs and iOS devices, and via all kinds of networks between Macs.
• Set Mover for Mac to open automatically whenever you open Mover in another Mac or iOS devices on this network.

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