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moveAddict is a great app that allows you to cut and paste.
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moveAddict is a great app that allows you to cut and paste. That might sound like it is not a big deal, and Windows users will probably laugh about it. Oh was that a blue screen of death? My bad! Anyway, the copy, cut, paste functionality on the Mac doesn't work the same as in Windows. You can copy files but cutting a file and pasting it to move it around your Mac was just not possible; that is until you install moveAddict. The app runs on the background and it allows you to move files and folders using the keyboard or the menu bar. You can even add a toolbar to Finder that has the "Cut" and "Paste" buttons on it for easy access.

Whenever you cut a file or folder using this tool, a notification appears saying that you cut a file (or many, it gives you the number of files that have been cut). And the same happens when you paste a file. You can change the hotkeys that are used to cut and paste from the preferences menu.

It can be argued that there are better ways of moving files around, but the fact remains that some people are just wired to use cut and paste, and they should be able to choose how to work. moveAddict allows them to use the keyboard instead of the mouse, or any of the other workarounds.

José Fernández
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  • It works great
  • It provides nice functionality to Finder


  • It isn't free
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