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MorphX calculate images or movies where one image transforms into another.
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MorphX is an image morphing tool that works by defining similarities between the input files. With this tool you can create video transformations from two distinct images or combine similarities into one graphic format. The application allows you to define common elements that the images share and a few other animation parameters.

MorphX is ideal for home users; it is intuitive to use, has easy-to-understand controls and most importantly, works like it's supposed to. It supports different input formats like BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF. The downside is that it only saves image morphs as JPGs, no other format is available. In terms of video output, MorphX only works with MOV.

Using the Inspector controls, I was able to further control the lines that define image similarities. This may also be achieved with the help of a keyboard (Shift, Control) and a mouse.

MorphX does a better job than most image morphing tools; if offers a few output customization settings (image and video proportions) and can quickly define transitions (drawing lines in the images). Providing you can do with just saving your output as MOV and JPG extensions, the application will not disappoint you.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Easily define image similarities
  • Morph as image and video
  • Preview transition steps


  • Output support for JPG format only
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