SmillaEnlarger 2.2

Enlarges selected areas of photographic images.
2.2 (See all)
Modify pictures from your phone or other types of image files by uploading them to the dedicated editor and using the available tools for selecting a certain area you wish to enlarge. The built-in algorithms automatically optimize the image to the custom zooming and crop the entire file.

iSmillaEnlarger is a small graphical tool to resize, especially magnify bitmaps in high quality. ( The used algorithm is an invention of my own )One fascinating aspect of analogue photography is, that by means of an Enlarger, you can pick an interesting part of your photo and blow it up to poster-size. Whereas zooming into a digital photo just leads to a bunch of colored blocks.My little tool tries to be an easy-to-use equivalent of the analogue enlarger for the digital photography:You choose an image file, pick a rectangle and decide how big the result should be ( by scaling factor or by giving width or height of the result ), then you press calculate and get an enlarged image with smooth curves instead of blocks, where edges in the original stay ( more or less ) unblurred edges in the result.

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