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Solitaire Till Dawn X - a collection of solitaire card games.
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Solitaire Till Dawn X is a collection of solitaire games made for the Mac operating system. The game offers you a chance to play at least 20 various kinds of solitaire. Among them are Windows users' favorites - Spider and Free Cell. Spend your time spinning the wheel in your brain by solving the card solitaire puzzles.

The design of the game looks like it was made in 1997. Yes, many things can be customized, such as the back side of the card, but you cannot edit the preferences for a game. For example, in Windows, Spider can be played only using one, two or four suits, while this one plays with four right away. I am not that smart to solve the puzzle with so many variables, I need at least to warm up. Therefore, I tried to find how to change this setting and I was unable to.

Another concern for me was the price for the game is 25 US dollars and I thought it was a bit too much. That was until I realized that the game actually includes a several solitaire types, which ultimately makes it OK to cost that much.

The bottom line, if you can forgive its shady (for 2011) look, then you will more likely enjoy this product.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Looks like it was made in 1997
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