Monarch the Butterfly King 1.0

Play match-3 games to rescue the butterflies captured by an evil magician.
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Monarch the Butterfly King is a nice game collection in which you need to play match-3 games in order to rescue the butterflies that have been captured by an evil magician. In every match-3 game, the objective is to clear all the metal plates by making matches with the flowers that are on top of them. The matches can be made by swapping adjacent items in order to align three or more of the same type. This will make them disappear from the board and new ones will be added. You can use the power-ups that appear on the board by making matches with them. These will help you destroy the metal plates more easily.
At the end of each level, you will save a butterfly. Then, you will be able to collect the saved butterflies and view them whenever you want. The game may offer automatic hints or no hints at all, depending on how challenging you want the game to be. The collection also includes an additional game called Mouse Party, which can be played in competitive or cooperative mode. In this game, the players need to eliminate boxes as quickly as possible by clicking on them. Sadly, the game offers very simple graphics, which look rather old. Sounds are simple but nice and the music is very pleasant.
In short, if you're willing to try a simple but enjoyable game to pass the time, Monarch the Butterfly King may work for you.

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  • Two modes
  • Enjoyable
  • Customizable


  • Simple graphics and sounds



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