Mojo Solitaire Collection

Mojo Solitaire Collection

This app gives you access to three types of Solitaire games.
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License type: Freeware

Mojo Solitaire Collection is a program that comes in handy during breaks from work or whenever you wish to relax in front of your computer by playing a card game. This Mac application provides you with three types of Solitaire games: Klondike, Spider, and Mahjong.

The app lets you choose the preferred card deck style, select from three difficulty levels, and use the coins earned while playing to unlock various background images for the game board. I like the fact that you have access to various hints (only in Mahjong games) and you can undo as many card moves as you require.

Unfortunately, the program comes with plenty of disadvantages: it doesn't offer you the Shuffle option (for Mahjong games), it lacks a level pause feature (each game is clocked), it doesn't allow you to save your game progress (you can only continue the last played level). What's more, nothing happens when clicking the Help button.

Taking into consideration the aforementioned flaws, I'd say it's not worth installing this application on your Mac. You can easily find better and cheap solutions for spending your spare time playing card games in front of your computer.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Gives you access to three types of Solitaire games
  • Free of charge


  • Unable to pause timer
  • Nothing happens when clicking the Help button
  • Unable to save game progress
  • Lacks reshuffle option (for Mahjong games)
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