Modular Gateway Interface (MGI) 3.2

Apache module for full website programming and development from counters to databases.
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MGI is an Apache web server module extending the capabilities of your web site beyond basic HTML. MGI offers a wide array of options from simple counters and forms to custom databases, shopping baskets and specific programming functions.
Whether you're a designer with elementary HTML skills or a seasoned programmer, MGI will allow you to accept any web site project and complete it faster - saving you time and increasing your profits.
MGI is a perfect tool for web hosting companies to offer customers as a value added service. Just one license gives every customer on your server separate and secure access to all MGI functions. You can also limit access to individual MGI functions on a customer-by-customer basis.
MGI 3.2 contains the new Advanced Module and mgiPHP tag. Process your PHP code on any MGI page!
The mgiPHP tag is very flexible including parameters allowing you to choose whether MGI code in the body of the tag is processed before the PHP code, after the PHP code, or both! This allows you to dynamically create PHP code and dynamically create MGI tags if you want.



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