Mobile Buddy

Mobile Buddy 3.0

Wireless mouse + keyboard + presenter + control app.

Mobile Buddy is the server program for Mouse Kit.
To use Mobile Buddy, you need to download Mouse Kit
Mobile Buddy is compatible with PC and Mac.
In order for Mouse Kit to operate, you must install Mobile Buddy on your computer.
Don't worry, it's a small program and it's super easy to install.
Mouse Kit and Mobile Buddy work together to turn your smart phone into a wireless mouse.
You can also use your smart phone as a keyboard and remote control for presentations.
Along with the mouse, keyboard and presenter functions, we added some fun surprises that we like to call "Jack in the Box."
* Caution *
Your smart phone and computer must be connected to the same wifi network.
The programs should connect automatically.
If for some reason the connection isn't made automatically, simply type the IP address or update the port number manually.
Please bear in mind that these programs will not work if you have a firewall or if you are using a server-disabled router.

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