MOAppsWallet 2.1

All your passwords securely and encrypted, completely searchable...
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Michael Göbel

All your passwords securely and encrypted, completely searchable, iCloud enabled stored in one sophisticated App.CuteWallet is a cute and sophisticated wallet application extra designed for ease of use.Self evident that all entries are stored encrypted and that it all can be protected with a password.Beside meetings, the snooze function of the alarm clock and always-empty batteries, we in the western world suffer the most from the unmanageable surge of passwords, pins, tans, puks and access-codes. We are surrounded by numbers and names no ordinary man can keep in mind. The only exception to that rule is my wife and a few other mythical creatures – it’s a skill I will never understand. With CuteWallet you manage all your important and sensitive information in a portable way and they are available in a blink. Your entries are password protected and securely encrypted; they are completely searchable and managed in categories. · iCloud enabled· Drag-and-Drop of passwords· Unlimited Dustom Categories (Groups)· Custom Labels· Unlimited Custom Entries· Encryption· Password Protection· One Click Password Copy· Auto-copy Passwords to Clipboard· Auto-clear Clipboard· iTunes like Search

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