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Mixtab is a smart, visual news reader!
With Mixtab, you have a fun, easy way to follow your interests, whether it be sports, technology, fashion, cooking or anything else...
Mixtab was designed around the concept of Tabs. A Tab holds a set of websites ( via RSS ) and Topics so you can read them all in one place!
You can add websites to a Tab by adding RSS feeds, and you can also add Topics.
Topics are a unique feature of Mixtab. When you add a Topic to a Tab, Mixtab will search all stories in its index, and if it finds any stories that match the Topic it will show those stories in your Tab. It’ s easy and powerful.
Top Words
When viewing a Tab, you will notice the navigation bar has a set of words in them, these are called Top Words. Mixtab analyzes all the stories in each Tab and calculates what the Top Words are for the Tab.
Top Words make it easy to see what the big stories or topics are for a Tab at a given time.
Tab Gallery - 1000+ user-created Tabs to choose from
You can find and subscribe to Tabs created by other users in the Tab Gallery.
There are more than a thousand user-created Tabs in the Tab Gallery on a wide variety of interests for you to choose from!
You can personalize Mixtab by selecting one of eight different themes.
To Sign up for Mixtab:
Load the Mixtab App and Enter an email address and password and click "Sign Up!". An account will automatically be created if you don't have one.
Note: An account is needed to store your tabs and settings in the cloud, we don't send emails to our users, nor do we share any info with 3rd parties.
Any feedback is welcome!!
Email us at: info@mixtab.com
Ping us on Twitter @mixtab

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