Mixtab Pro

Mixtab Pro 1.0

Beautiful, easy-to-use RSS Reader.
1.0.1 (See all)

Mixtab Pro is a beautiful, easy-to-use RSS Reader.
We created Mixtab Pro, because we believe in RSS as an open standard, and that there is plenty of innovation left in the RSS space.
Easy import from Google Reader
- Supports OPML file RSS import
- Add all your RSS feeds from one OPML file ( Add feed > Upload OPML )
- or upload multiple OPML files into different Tabs ( Create Tab > Upload OPML )
Gestures and Keyboard shortcuts
- Gestures ( swipe left or right to move from page to page )
- Keyboard shortcuts ( see Help section for details )
- You can group RSS feeds together by creating a tab.
- Tabs are private by default, but can be made public to share in the Gallery.
- Showcases Tabs you can subscribe to created by the Mixtab community.
- Click on the star to favorite a story
- Post on Twitter
- Post on Facebook
- Mail a link
View original links
- Open external links in Mixtab or default browser ( configurable )
Please note: Your RSS feeds and stories are stored in the cloud. A Mixtab account is required to add your own feeds. You can also sign-in with Twitter or Facebook if you please.

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