Missing Sync for Palm Pre

Missing Sync for Palm Pre 1.2

Sync contacts and calendars with your Mac computer.
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Mark/Space, Inc.

Sync contacts and calendars with your computer. Sync whole playlists of music to your phone. Transfer photos. Create ringtones. The Missing Sync for Palm Pre is sync software for Windows PC and Mac that let's you do all this and much more.

Sync Contacts ScreenshotThe Missing Sync lets you choose what you want to sync to your phone. Select all or specific contact folders or groups to sync. Choose which playlists of music to transfer. The Missing Sync offers you lots of ways to configure syncing of your files and information for your specific needs.

The Missing Sync works with the applications you already know and use — Microsoft Outlook, Mac OS X Address Book, iTunes, Windows Media Player, iCal, Entourage, Safari, iPhoto and others — to sync information and media between your computer and Palm Pre or Palm Pixi.

Synchronize information - contacts, calendars, notes and to dos wirelessly, over a Wi-Fi network. And, Mark/Space's Proximity Sync™ feature synchronizes information between your phone and computer at scheduled intervals - automatically, so you don't even have to remember to sync!

The Missing Sync for Palm Pre makes your Palm Pre, Palm Pixi and computer close companions.

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