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This app monitors CPU usage, battery status, and many others.
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MiniUsage is a program designed for Mac that monitors the overall CPU usage, displays various details regarding all running apps, shows the battery status, and many more. This utility appears on your Menu Bar where you can check the aforementioned information. It is very simple to handle and uses a small amount of CPU resources while running on the background.

You can also work with this application to close any software you're running on your Mac. This feature might come in handy, if a program you're working with stops running properly or uses too many CPU resources.

While testing, I've decided to compare the system memory details provided by MiniUsage and the information from Activity Monitor (Mac's default app for monitoring system performance). They were identical. Hence, it offers precise reports.

Another good thing is that it gives you access to graphs for each running app on your Mac. You can move the windows of these charts anywhere on your screen and constantly monitor the behavior of the program.

In conclusion, MiniUsage is a reliable solution when it comes to monitoring the performance of your system and increasing the amount of CPU resources assigned to your foreground apps. Plus, the program comes without a price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Provides you with detailed and accurate info regarding CPU usage, battery status, etc
  • Free of charge


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