Mindjet MindManager

Mindjet MindManager

Keeps the ideas and the data flow organized for easy access.
Mindjet MindManager v13.2
22 Nov 2020
Mindjet MindManager v13.0
2 Jul 2020
Editorial review
Mindjet MindManager v10.3
30 Jan 2014
Mindjet MindManager v9.5
12 Jun 2012
Mindjet MindManager v8.0
25 Apr 2010

What's new

v13.0 [2 Jul 2020]
- New tools for project managers:
Gantt charts are widely used by project managers for the detail and visibility they provide. We’ve added Gantt functionality and many more new project management features into MindManager for Mac to easily plan, coordinate, and execute your projects.
Add, edit, and view project elements, and track general project costs within Gantt view
Easily adjust your view based on project size or timeline
Move projects, remove slack time, roll up tasks, view critical paths, set milestones, and more
- NEW! Project Cost Tracking:
Get a more complete project picture:
Whether your project budget is massive or modest, keeping costs in sight is the key to successfully managing it. Our new Project Costing tool lets you quickly add individual costs into your project maps, easily update them, and sum totals with a simple click, for instant visibility into one of your project’s most critical elements.
Define and view general costs and resource costs within maps
Tailor maps for budget-focused conversations by rolling up costs
Manage exceptions and ensure budget adherence by creating SmartRules that trigger when costs exceed set amounts
- NEW! Tag View:
Keep your projects on track:
Projects succeed when they stay in forward motion. Tag View gives you a clear picture of a project’s overall progress towards completion, and where each individual task is in the process, so you can make the right changes to keep things on track and on time.
See and update the status of tasks & action items in a progressive, Kanban-style columnar view
Instantly identify backlogs, bottlenecks, and resource issues
Define processes with custom column tags that are automatically applied in Map View.

v9.5 [12 Jun 2012]
- Fixed: Text does not adjust within "New Resources from Address Book" selection window, when the window is resized.
- Fixed: Map Gallery becomes unresponsive and panels lose the content when open.
- Fixed: OS X 10.7 Lion: Crash occurs when closing opened maps.
- Fixed: Crash occurs on quit.
- Fixed: Crash occurs when paste multi-lined text on boundary.

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