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Mindcad Tiler 3.6

View, scale, and print PDF documents on multiple sheets.
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Mindcad Tiler is intended for scaling and printing PDF documents on multiple sheets. In this regard, this tool is ideal for printing banners and posters. The application is very straightforward, perhaps rather plain. It has just one window where everything happens, so there are no hidden options. Although there is a help document, it is unfortunately too poor.

You can usually start by importing the source file. Regrettably, formats other than PDF do not seem to be supported. The contents of the load document are automatically shown and then you can add rows and columns to meet your needs. Bare in mind that each cell corresponds to a different sheet of paper. A simple toolbar lets you switch paper orientation and resize the image to paper size or printable area. Good news is that the tool leaves a little margin to allow you to easily stick pages together and form the intended banner or poster.

In short, Mindcad Tiler solves the problem of printing a PDF document across multiple paper sheets, which you can later recombine to form a larger picture. The product usually accompanies Mindcat Incubator, but it is also available for purchase from the Mac Store.

Pedro Castro
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  • Automatically resizes the image to fit the intended number of sheets


  • Poor help documentation
  • Does not support other formats
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