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Browse, edit and convert MIDI files, with batch supports.
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MidiKit helps you manage MIDI files in multiple ways. In this respect, it lets you view their properties and edit their contents. One of its best features is that it can process batches of files. Fortunately, there is accompanying help documentation; however, it is not very well structured and comes with various language mistakes.

In browser mode, you should start by opening the directory that contains the desired MIDI files. Then, MidiKit lets you access significant data about the imported files, such as creator, title, tempo and duration. Likewise, it is possible to edit their tags. Conveniently, an icon helps signaling those files that have any problems, so, in order to know exactly what is wrong, you should open the corresponding Info window. Luckily, you can even preview the file’s contents.

As said, this application supports processing multiple MIDI files in a single operation, which you can do by picking the desired files or even entire folders. This method lets you efficiently fix problems, such as those caused by wrong extensions as well as faulty tempo and signature messages. Likewise, it is used to compress and expand files. Another very handy feature is that it can convert MIDI to Tune1000 and SoftKaraoke formats. It is odd, however, that there is no direct conversion to SoftKaraoke formats, as the intended files need to be previously converted to Tune1000. Finally, the tool can also be used to extract lyrics from given MIDI files to plain text, LRC, LRC Enhanced and ChordPro.

All in all, MidiKit is recommended it if you have to work with large batches of MIDI files as it helps increase your productivity. The product is shareware, so it can be tried for some time, an opportunity you should not miss.

Pedro Castro
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  • Batch processing
  • Converts between formats
  • Fixes various kinds of problems
  • Extracts lyrics in various formats


  • Cannot convert directly to SoftKaraoke formats
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