MidiAndMusicXmlPlayer 1.86

Plays and transposes MIDI and MusicXML files, changes tempo and mixes tracks.
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MidiAndMusicXmlPlayer is intended for playing MIDI and MusicXML files. In order to play a file, you only need to drag and drop it onto the main window. However, you can also take the longer way of looking for it in Finder. Large buttons unmistakably help you control playback. However, the function of the button with the down arrow is not so clear: it serves to set a repeat mark to listen to a given section several times.

Regrettably, the player’s interface is anything but beautiful, mostly because of bad color choices, which could be solved if there were other skins to choose from. The app supports manipulating sounds in multiple ways. In this respect, it is possible to change the song’s tempo by entering the desired percentage. However, it would have been better to use a slider to control this feature.

The tracks are automatically recognized and you can mute some of them or change their volume separately with the help of the Midi Mixer. Other convenient features are the possibility to transpose the music or change the panorama from left to right.

All in all, MidiAndMusicXmlPlayer can be useful for musical students, performers, composers or simply anyone needing to listen to the contents of a MIDI file. Although it works as expected in general, the app may have problems playing some chords, which can be solved by removing some notes. Fortunately, the product is absolutely free and available from the Mac App Store.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Supports drag-and-drop operations
  • Allows managing each track separately
  • Supports transposing
  • Allows changing a song’s tempo


  • Unattractive interface
  • An interface redesign with different controls is recommendable
  • May fail to play some chords
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