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Helps you organize your movie collection by retrieving info from Internet.
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MetaMovie is intended to help you organize your movie collection. In this regard, the tool can manage all the information related to films, including actors, titles, directors and producers, to mention but a few tags. In accordance to its purpose, the application has a lively neat interface, which allows you to browse the items in your library without much difficulty.

The workflow is very simple. You can start by importing the files in your library, to create a list. Although the information can be entered manually, it is a better idea to let the app do it automatically. For this, you need a working Internet connection, as these data are taken from various online databases. In this respect, the application can query for such general information as title, actors, studio, rate, genre, description and cover artwork. Likewise, it can retrieve data about chapters from as well as download subtitles from Regrettably, you are not allowed to use other databases.

There are some options you may want to enable. For instance, you can have the app start searching for information about new movies automatically. Similarly, it is possible to replace the existing subtitles with the new ones. Most importantly you can import files to iTunes right after tagging them. Other options have to do with customizing covers and defining your own genre names.

In a nutshell, MetaMovie does a fine job and certainly saves you a lot of effort. It is ideal for those who have a large movie collection and which to keep it organized. The product can be bought from the Mac Store at a very reasonable price.

Pedro Castro
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  • Downloads all sorts of tagging information
  • Seamlessly integrates with iTunes


  • Does not allow using custom databases
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