Mermoz 1.21

A flight planning and distance calculation application.

A flight planning and distance calculation application that can create automated logs. While intended primarily for private pilots in France and Switzerland, US maps downloaded from the Federal Aviation Administration website are also supported. The interface resembles a modified version of Preview, with scale and airport locations built in to the map image file.

I can't claim to be a pilot of any sort outside the realm of sci-fi video games, but this app has several features I imagine could come in handy for a pilot, particularly one in the process of accruing the mileage required for professional advancement. Routes are generated using a snap-to graphical interface and can be adjusted to include waypoints. A log is generated for each flight path that includes distances in nautical miles and can be filled in manually to include details such as timing and weather conditions. A table is also generated which can be used to hide routes, change their color on the map, or simply look at them all together.

While the app links to a page with only metropolitan US maps, there are maps that span a larger area elsewhere on the FAA site.

Sam's Protip: Use this to check your frequent-flyer miles (for short-distance trips) if you're convinced your airline is ripping you off.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Snap-to feature
  • Able to import and export
  • Waypoints supported


  • Niche target audience
  • Only built-in map is of France
  • Flights that span more than one mapped region aren't supported
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