Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer

Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer 1.3

This app helps you optimize the performance of your system.

This program, as its name clearly states, is a tool that helps you improve the performance of your system by clearing up memory. The application provides you with a simple way to prevent your Mac from crashing and keep your system running more conveniently.

Since you can find plenty of similar programs on the Web, I preferred to check if it actually offers accurate resource usage details and adequate results. So, I compared the info provided by Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer with Activity Monitor's statistics (Mac's default app). The details were almost identical (99.9%).

To me, it would've been useful to know which of the running programs uses the largest amounts of CPU resources (so I can close them if possible). Unfortunately, this application doesn't offer you this type of details.

Furthermore, Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer uses a generous amount of CPU resources while freeing up the RAM (Random-Access Memory).

With that being said, I would try a different application for freeing up RAM on my Mac. However, if the aforementioned flaws don't mean much to you, I'd say you should test it to see how it runs. You don't have to lose anything since the application is free of charge.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Offers accurate CPU usage details
  • Free


  • Uses a generous amount of CPU resources while freeing up memory
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