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An old classic brought back to life with vivid photography and charming visuals.
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Memory Match is a free, card-based, memory game for your Mac. In it, you click on cards that are face down to turn them and match them with identical cards. There are three difficulty modes: easy, medium and hard. In the easy mode, there are 8 cards, whereas medium and hard let you play with 18 and 32 cards respectively. Whenever you turn two identical cards, they remain face up until you complete the game. When you turn two cards that are not identical, they will both go face down again, but now you know what cards they are, so you may try the alternatives to make a match. The easy mode can be completed quickly and the difficulty isn't great, but the other two modes can give your brain a decent work.

There is a scoring system in the game. Your score increases just a little when you make a successful match, and more when you don't make a match, so the less you score, the better. It is a weird system, but you will quickly understand it once you start playing.

Other than choosing the difficulty level, there aren't any other options that you can change. There are sounds when you turn the cards, and you can't disable them.

In short, Memory Match is a digital version of the classic card memory game. It is well designed and it provides a great challenge in its hard difficulty mode.

José Fernández
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  • Three difficulty modes
  • Nice graphics


  • No help provided about the scoring system
  • No user options other than difficulty
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