MD5 allows you to create, check and compare MD5 checksums

As you can probably tell from its name, the MD5 is a small Mac application that was designed to help you create and compare MD5 checksums. This piece of software can prove to be very useful if you want to check the integrity of your files and make sure that the file you have received is the same as the original and not a tampered version of it.

When using the MD5 you can either check and create MD5 files for multiple entries at the same time or you can individually load each file and retrieve its checksum, compare it to a specific checksum or you can compare two files to determine if they are identical or not in a matter of seconds (you can drag-and-drop the files directly to the interface).

Other than that, the MD5 comes with a friendly and well-organized interface and the lack of additional settings or complicated menus keeps the job of creating and checking the MD5 checksums for your files simple and straight to the point.

To sum it all up, if you are ever in need of an easy-to-use Mac application that can help you create and check MD5 files in a simple manner, then you should take a look at the intuitively named MD5.

Tyler Vidd
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