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McAfee Internet Security 2012

Comprehensive Web security option for Mac-users.
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McAfee Internet Security is a comprehensive Web security option for Mac-users.
Why Mac users need protection.Mac users are not vulnerable to the same viruses and threats that have traditionally plagued PCs but the Internet has leveled the playing field. Mac users are now just as susceptible to online risks as PC users. With the rise in adoption of the Mac OS, hackers and thieves are increasingly focusing their efforts to develop attacks that will work on Macs.What Mac users are up against on the InternetOnline phishing scams along with the prevalence of other malicious programs have increased by 50%* in the past few years11 million people were victims of online identity theft last year**5% of all Web sites are malicious, putting you at risk for fraud, identity theft, and dangerous downloads that you might unknowingly pass along to others***What Mac users are risking by being unprotectedPhishing scams and social networking website attacks are on the rise and can result in identity theftMalware not only harms your Mac but it can steal your personal informationMalicious software also puts friends and family at risk if you send them potentially damaging email or filesThe McAfee solutionMcAfee

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