Make A Zombie

Make A Zombie 1.3

A character designing application that lets you make cute cartoon zombies.

Make a Zombie is a freemium character designing application that lets you make cute cartoon zombies just for fun by mixing and matching different hair, eyes, mouths, heads, shirts, torsos, legs, and backdrops. Zombies can be exported as PNG image files or ordered for printing on a real-life object through Zazzle.

There's really no point to Make a Zombie beyond the childlike entertainment of combining different elements in order to represent a buddy or to simply create incongruous images - such as a zombie without arms who's wearing a "Free Hugs" shirt.

One can scroll through the different permutations of each characteristic one at a time by clicking the corresponding icon on the sides of the app, or else shuffle all of them at once by clicking the shuffle icon at the top.

There is a noticeably limited set of attributes that one can play with for free; purchases of additional attribute sets range from $0.99 for the non-green-skinned Human Pack to an absurd $99.99 for the exclusive Luxury Pack.

Sam's Protip: Use of the Finder's "Show Package Contents" tool is often an easy way to gain access to basic program assets. But reuse of those resources in unauthorized contexts could get you into legal trouble.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Cute, fun graphics
  • Many different characteristics that can be customized


  • Set of free characteristics is painfully limited
  • No possibility of animation despite module-based construction
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