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Organizer and archiver for Apple's Mail.
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MailWing is an organizer and archiver for Apple's Mail. It requires Apple's Mail and OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard or Lion.
Any On My Mac mailbox can be linked to a unique Finder folder and messages are moved from a linked mailbox into its linked folder. Route messages into these mailboxes manually or automatically, using Mail's Rules. The linked folders can be located anywhere you wish, such as with a project, an account, an interest group or a client folder. Mail's original copy of these messages are moved to the Trash mailbox and will later be archived. Copies of unread messages are labeled gray and the linked folder is opened showing messages ready-to-read. MailWing also preserves mailboxes Organized by Thread by creating Subject folders.
Mail-Safe Archive - Messages in the Trash mailbox are archived into a "Mail-Safe Archive" folder as they become outdated, then deleted from Mail. The "Mail-Safe Archive" folder is organized into year-numbered folders, containing month-numbered folders, containing day-numbered folders. You no longer have to agonize over deleting old mail. Simply archive it to Mail-Safe where it's out of sight. If you ever need to see an old message, it's easily found with a Spotlight search. If you have a requirement to maintain a e-mail archive, the Mail-Safe Archive may meet your needs.
All messages are saved as individual .emlx files (without file conversion) which retain attachments and are simply Mail documents which are opened by Mail when double-clicked. These documents may be Replied, Redirected, Forwarded, Bounced and Printed by Mail just like any other messages. (But they cannot be Junked, Deleted or Flagged by Mail.)
Copies of messages made by MailWing are presented in the Finder in a List View window where:
- The file name is the message's Subject;
- The modification date is the Date Sent; and
- The comment is the To address for a sent message or the From address for a received message.
MailWing Menu - Installs in the Dock with a click of a button. The MailWing Menu gives you instant access to MailWing, the Help document, the Mail-Safe Archive, the Tools and each of your linked folders organized exactly as in Mail. May also be installed in DragThing and alternate dock or menu bar launchers.

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