Mahjong Elements HDX 1.0

A stylized digital version of Mahjong solitaire.
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Play Mahjong on your Mac. Check out a series of virtual environments designed by Feng-Shui experts and other Chinese artists to recreate the authentic regional style. Move pieces across the board and win games to advance and unlock more complex challenges.

Mahjong Elements HDX...Behold the true elemental power of this aesthetically appealing Mahjohng experience, now available for your Mac. It offers over 50 hours of exceptional Mahjong solitaire gameplay in one complete package.
The menu design and background images were conceived and created together with Feng-Shui experts and other Chinese artists in order to revive the fascinating technique of ancient Xiesheng watercolor.
It is said that viewers of this art benefit from improved energy flow and lasting mental balance. This game will provide you that very peace and tranquility, whenever you may need it.
- Over 200 layouts
- Shuffle, Hint and Undo functions
- No time limit
- Fever mode
- Authentic HD Xiesheng Art
- Unique help features
- Auto quicksave
- Zoom and Pinch feature
- Trackpad support
- Apple Magic Mouse support
- Easy-flow interface
- Extensive stat tracking
- Achievements

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