MacVCD X 4.7

Play movies in multiple complex formats.

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Gain access to VCDs and Super VCDs on a Mac device. Alternatively, check out and render video file formats such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, DivX, QuickTime, etc. Select the compatible items and automatically size them according to the screen resolution, manage various settings.

MacVCD X is an easy-to-use video media player for Mac OS X. MacVCD X plays AVI, DivX, xVID, MPEG, WMV, iMovie, VCD, SVCD, video, Quicktime movies and more. Use the screen display you prefer - full screen display, small screen display (floating or regular window), or show on your TV. Get the features you want - movie saving, track selection and repeat track features, Photo VCD, multi-language and karaoke VCD support with this easy to use video player. MacVCD X also features advanced features such as Hands Free speech activated controls, fast-motion, slow-motion and backwards playback.

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