MacTopos The USA at 100K 1.0

Medium resolution topo maps for the entire USA except for Alaska.
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MacTopos The USA at 100K are USGS digital raster topo maps that cover the entire US except for Alaska (which has no 100K maps) at approximately 50 miles by 34 miles per map. They are ideal for seeing the overall topography of a general area. Used in conjunction with our MacGPS Pro software (available separately), enjoy these maps for viewing, scanning, and route planning your next adventure. Show your tracklogs upon your return home. These maps have more detail than the 250K scale maps, but they do not have the close-up detail of the 24K scale maps contained in our MacTopos individual states DVDs.
Four DVDs contain the entire United States except for Alaska in the 100K map scale. New technology allows the same sharp detailed images as the original Digital Raster Graphics maps from the United States Geological Survey, except they are compressed to save space without losing resolution. Install any or all of these 1808 detailed maps on your Mac using less room on your hard drive, or use the maps directly from these four DVDs with less space needed to store additional disks while traveling. And four DVDs saves money in production costs - this savings is passed on to you. Use MacTopos to simplify your map life!



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